Friday, 4 January 2013

Asus AI Recovery-Recovery Partition Does Not Exist (Solved)

Scenario: One beautiful sunny day, you thought of creating a set of recovery discs for your Asus laptop so you fired up the AI Recovery software. You clicked on the "Start" button and suddenly you noticed that you forgot to buy your DVDs.

 At the moment, you panicked and the first thing you did was turning off AI Recovery by clicking on the "Stop" button. Here's where the nightmare started!

When you came back with the 4 DVDs as requested and turn on AI Recovery again, the "Start" button grayed out and it's stated there "Recovery Partition does not exist".

And at the same time you noticed that there's a new partition at your Computer window with the name "RECOVERY" which you couldn't get rid of. What should you do??
 Just relax, it's just an easy fix. First thing you have to do is to go to your C Drive. Then click on "Program Files".

Once you get into the Program Files, look for the "Asus" folder.

Next, get into the "AI Recovery" folder.
Done? Okay, now double click on the "ChangeHD" file.
 A black "cmd" window will pop up, don't panick, just part of the procedure.
 All you have to do now is to wait for the process to complete.

Once it's done, go to "Computer" and check if the "RECOVERY" partition is already gone.

That's all for today, thanks for reading :)


  1. Hello.

    Could you upload you're full folder of the software? I whant to burn my partition of my asus, but i don't have the "changehd.exe" file.


    1. Hi, sorry but it's impossible to upload such a large file. Besides that, each recovery CD can only be matched with it's machine and cannot be transferred to other machine. It would be advisable for you to contact ASUS service centre for further info. Hope it helps ;)

  2. hi, i've already created the recovery disc (same model) and i've used it once to return my laptop to its factory setting and now i want to return my laptop to its factory setting again. can i use the same recovery disc again. and do you think AI recovery utility allow you to make another or second recovery disc (multiple time)?

  3. Yes, you may use the same set of recovery disc to perform the system recovery, as long as your DVDs are not damaged :) But actually you can create as many recovery disc as you want using AI recovery, there's no limit. ENjoy :P

  4. IN youtube 1 video is their in which the downloadlink is given